Mindfull Meals was created to provide the people with the most essential requirement needed all around the world- food.
Based in South Africa and by doing our bit in providing food to local communities, we have seen first hand the effects of poverty. It is a sad reality that many go hungry and children rely on school feeding schemes to provide what might be their only meal for the day.

The circumstances can differ vastly from area to area and although there are feeding schemes doing their best, often the people on the receiving end just don't have the resources we take for granted to convert the packages they receive into meals to feed their families. These resources include tin openers to open canned goods, refrigerators to store perishable goods as well as spices to cook flavourful meals.
During the COVID-19 pandemic our eyes were really opened to the circumstances some people were facing and this is how Mindfull Meals was born.
We needed to create a product that was nutritional, great tasting, easy to prepare, and cost effective and that is exactly what we managed to do. After countless trials and recipe tests we have created a variety of meals that meet the minimum global health requirements, in order to provide a balanced meal which still tastes great!

We've designed it in such a way, where all that is needed to prepare your meal is a stove or fire, a pot, a spoon, and the required amount of water. Making this the most effortless way to feed your family.

The meal pack has a shelf life of 1 year making it great for home storage, bulk buying and world wide distribution.
Mindfull Meals - because food is not a luxury, it is a necessity.